Highlights from the 2015 Alzheimer’s Society Research Conference

The 2015 Alzheimer’s Society Annual Research Conference was held in Manchester on June 29-30th. This was a very successful meeting bringing together people affected by dementia and researchers.

Research is getting an increasingly significant role in the overall Alzheimer’s Society programme which was clear in the great scientific talks and posters. Alzheimer’s disease genetics was wonderfully represented by Dr. Rebecca Sims from Cardiff University who talked about genome wide association analyses of rare variants using a specific genotyping platform – the exome chip.

The long term plans of the Society were clearly defined and completely in line with the interests and needs of early career researchers. CIvMtjkVEAA9UdsDr. Doug Brown started the second day with some of the highlights of the Society’s work in the past year and the main goals and strategic plans for the future. The Dementia Research Leaders programme is a key priority of the Society, aiming at attracting and maintaining the best researchers in the field of dementia.

The launch of a special day for members of the Dementia Research Leaders programme was a great success with a very thoughtful and useful presentation/workshop by Dr. Kay Guccione.

CIsN7k1UwAI30frA personal highlight was the award of the first Dementia Leaders Prize to Rita in the category ‘Academic Achievement’. A real honour. Thank you to the judging committee for choosing my nomination and to all the donors and trustees who made the prizes possible!

Care for today and cure for tomorrow.