José wins the Alzheimer’s Society 2016 Dementia Research Leader Award

The Alzheimer’s Society are dedicated to supporting researchers at all stages of their careers via their Dementia Research Leaders programme, and these awards were set up in 2015 to acknowledge the hard work and great progress made by researchers in the earlier stages of their careers.

The awards had two categories this year – Rising Star in Dementia Research, for PhD students and early-career postdoctoral researchers; and Leader in Dementia Research for later-career postdoctoral researchers and those at fellowship or lecturer level.

The judges considered the nominees’ achievements in their field respective to their careers as well as aspects such as mentoring other researchers, dedication to patient and public involvement and potential to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

José was the 2016 Leader in Dementia Research. The judges were impressed by José’s innovative and dedicated research activity and extraordinary publication record. Additionally, they praised José for creating an international collaborative network of researchers in the field of dementia with Lewy bodies and for his mentorship of undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in a career in dementia research.

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Jose Bras DRL award

Photo credit: Peter Paniccia